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Using Particles to Make Your Speech Polite

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When to say Ѻ krap or / ka

These words are used when speaking politely. There is no word to describe them so we'll call them "particles". Men can also say Ѻ krap pom instead of Ѻ krap. This is even more formal. Some men say Ѻ all the time instead of just Ѻ.

Sometimes particles have other meanings, such as replying to a question in the affirmative:

[] سáԹѹ¤
[Թ] Ѻ

[Kay] khun bai ha arai gin gan mai ka
[Lyn] krap

[Kay] Let's have something to eat.
[Lyn] Yes, let's.

Men Can Use Both ka and Ѻ krap

You might hear a man say ka, this is not weird, it's totally normal. Some farang men say because they have been taught Thai by a woman who either forgot to mention that only women say it or because she thought it sounds cute.

ka sounds softer but should be used with caution.

Women Can Also Say Ѻ krap

nee or ˹ sa noy can also be used at the end of a sentence, similar to particles.

Other end particles can also be used, but some of them only with people who you know well and some of them have quite a detailed meaning. We'll talk about those next.

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