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Contentious Particles 1

Using la

Thai Giant

is another informal particle where its meaning depends on the context. We're calling it "contentious" because it is often used when you say something against the flow of the conversation.


can be put in front of to persuade someone to do something, e.g.

tam mai mai bai duay gan la ka
Why don't you come with us ?

Here is an example situation: Թ doesn't want to come to a friends gathering with but wants him to come with her so she asks him:

[] 仴¡ѹФ ?
[Թ] (giving reasons why he doesn't want to come with her)

[Kay] tam mai mai bai duay gan la ka
[Lyn] (giving excuses)

[Kay] Why don't you come with us ?
[Lyn] (giving excuses)

tries harder to change his mind:

[] 仴¡ѹФ
[Թ] 仡

[Kay] bai duay gan na ka na na na
[Lyn] bai gor dai

[Kay] Let's go, please, please, please...
[Lyn] Oh, alright then

Actually can be added to most questions to make them sound more friendly.

[] 繹Ѻҹӹ

[Geng] yen nee glap ban kam na
[Dtong] tam mai la

[Geng] (I'm) going to be home late this evening
[Dtong] Why ?

night time

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