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Combinations of particles: Թ si na

This is said when you remembered something that you'd forgotten and often after you are reminded by someone else.

[] Ͷҧ˹
[ਹ] ͡Ѿö ?
[] ԧԹ (仴ٷöͶö)

[Jor] mai roo rao ao meu teu bai wang wai nai. ha mai jer
[Jen] gor meu geu kuy torasap yoo nai rot mai chai ro
[Jor] jing si na (bai doo tee rot wa meu teu yoo nai rot reu blao)

[Jor] I don't know, when I had the mobile phone last, where did I put it ? I can't find it.
[Jen] Uh, when you were speaking on the phone in the car, isn't that right ?
[Jor] Right! (going to look in the car to see if it's there)

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