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The aim of these lessons is to give you a taste of "real" Thai. We give you examples so you can understand the context and also so you can use them as a template for your own conversations.

  1. Greetings

    The most important part of any conversation is the first 10 seconds because people will judge a lot about you from do they want to talk to you or not and what mood you are in.

  2. Using Particles

    Particles, those end words on a sentence that seem to have no meaning of their own can make your Thai sound more friendly and more natural when used properly.

  3. Expressions

    Common expressions in Thai that you won't easily find in a dictionary.

  4. Money

    Money is always a source of difficulty. We explore dealing with money in Thai society and attitudes to money.

  5. Dialects

    We take a brief look at the main Thai dialects: Royal, Isaan, Lanna and Southern.

Speak Real Thai
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