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Combinations of particles: ˹ sa noy followed by na, si, la

All of these combinations give a persuasive meaning.

[] س ѹٵä͡ ͧ˹¹

[Kay] khun, wan nee rao dai soodorn coktain ma mai. long sa noy na
[Lyn] ja

[Kay] I found this new cocktail today, come and try it.
[Lyn] Okay.

The difference between ˹¹ / ˹ / ˹« is that ˹ sounds a bit demanding, ordering or reminding to do it later. For more detail, see the page on ˹.

[س] ҷԵҧö˹

[Khun Mair] atit nee lang rot sa noy la
[Kay] kaa

[Mother] This weekend, wash the car.
[Kay] Alright.

Using ˹« makes it sound more like giving a suggestion or an opinion.

[س] ͡͡ѧ«˹«

[Kay] beua
[Khun Mair] gor ook bai ook gam lang gai sa noy si

[Kay] I'm bored.
[Mother] Erm, how about doing some exercise ?

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