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Particles to Make Your Conversation More Friendly

Use of ja and na

Women use ja more than men. ja replaces ka.

na makes a sentence sound softer and more friendly. However, it should be used very carefully:

You say na when

  1. You're inviting or asking someone to do something. e.g.
    仡Թǡѹ ?
    bai gin kao gan na
    Shall we eat ?

  2. At the end of the sentence to make it soft and friendly.
  3. When you want to let someone know something (like a stand alone statement), e.g.
    bai kap rot len na
    I'm going for a drive.

    Let's expand that example: Suppose you're going out for a drive and you want to let your mother know where you're going.

    [] 仢Ѻö蹡ѺسԹФФس
    [س] СѺҡ
    [] ҳ 3

    [Kay] bai kap rot len gap khun Lyn na ka khun Mair
    [Khun Mair] ja glap ma gee mong
    [Kay] braman 3 tum
    [Khun Mair] ja

    [Kay] I'm going for a drive with Mr Lyn, mum
    [Mother] What time will you be back ?
    [Kay] About 9 pm.
    [Mother] OK. (You can go)

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