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Greetings in Thai


Thai people don't normally speak to people who they haven't been introduced to. ʴ sawasdee is only one way of saying hello. Quite often this is abbreviated to Ѵ 'waddee.

[] ʴդ
[] Ѵդ

[Poo] sawasdee ka
[Aom] 'waddee ka

[Poo] Hello
[Aom] Hi!

Obviously, this is more informal. An alternative informal greeting is

bhen yang rai bang

but pronounced
* Did you think we would transliterate the mahanagat in yang as a u ? Many books transliterate to a short u, which we think is much more confusing than a short a.
bhen yang ngai bang *

or sometimes abbreviated to
bhen ngai bang

or even as short as

bhen ngai

An even more informal version is

bhen ngai mang

They all mean How is it going ?

䧺ҧHow's it going ?

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