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Where Are You Going ?

Instead of asking "How are you ?" Thais ask "Where are you going ?" or "Where have you been ?" If the person seems to be going somewhere you might ask

() ˹
(ja) bai nai ka
Where are you going ?

If you don't really want to answer you might say bai tura, doing stuff (lit. business). This is a neutral answer when you don't want to be specific. If they seem to be coming back from somewhere you could say

bai nai ma ka
Where have you been ?

If you bump into someone unexpectedly you might say

bai ngai ma ngai (nee-ya)

literally "What are you doing here ?" It's short for
ѧ ѧ (ҧ ҧ)
bai yang ngai ma yang ngai (bai yang rai ma yang rai)

[] ͹

[Poo] bai ngai ma ngai nee-ya
[Aom] ma ror peuan

[Poo] What's up ?
[Aom] I'm waiting for a friend.

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