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Different People, Different Greetings

For people who you see almost every day, e.g. family members, work colleages etc., to these people you could say

For people you don't see every day, you would probably say something just to be polite, like Ѵ 'waddee.

For people you know but haven't seen in a while you could say

䧺ҧ (/Ѻ)
bhen ngai bang (ka/krap)

(We already covered this under basic Greetings in Thai.)

The word ҧ bang can be very long e.g. 䧺ҧ bhen ngai baaaaang - normally women do this.

Around meal times you could say

gin kao reu yang
Have you eaten ?

If someone had been away you might have asked
bhen ngai bang
How's it going ?

but if you know where they went you could say
bai teow ma bhen yang ngai bang
How was your trip ?

There is a certain degree of reading between the lines. When you remark to someone about the weather, often you are not looking for a detailed weather forecast but just to get a sense of how things are with that person. If the answer is negative then you know something is up.

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