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Why You Need to wai and How

Reasons for giving a wai

There are 4 main reasons to wai, although you do not always have to wai:

  1. Greeting
  2. Showing respect
  3. Making an apology
  4. Thanking someone

Types of wai

When considering the wai, there are basically 3 different types:

  1. Giving a wai to Buddha or a Buddha image wai pra
  2. Giving a wai to someone of higher status wai poo yai
  3. Receiving a wai rab wai

Examples of wai Types
wai  pra
wai poo yai
How to wai a Buddha image. Left: the lower status person wais to a higher status person, Right: a higher status person receiving a wai.

Ը : How to wai

The different types differ mainly by the hand height:

  1. : wai pra - fingertips at eyebrowse height
  2. ˭: ١ wai poo yai - fingertips at nose height
  3. Ѻ: ͹ ͡ rab wai - hands chest height
You should keep your elbows tucked in and fingertips level with each other.

You wai the Buddha image 3 times in the wat in order to wai ѵ :

  1. оط - the Buddha
  2. и - the Buddha's teachings
  3. ʧ - the Monks

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