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Lanna Dialect

Ta Pae gate, Chiang Mai

Lanna is the name of the North/North west region of Thailand. The dialect of this region is fairly similar to Isaan, which is understandable given the distance to Bangkok and emphasis on agriculture. For example, they also say

bor bhen yang
never mind

The biggest difference is that women say jao as an end particle instead of ka.

In Lanna, it is common to pronounce (and spell) words normally spelt with a as if it was spelt with ١. e.g. ѡ (love) becomes ѡ. Also (ҧ) may be substituted with (ҹ), e.g. ҧ (elephant) becomes ҧ.

The mechanism is based on sound, for example, ͧ hoo reung go : Do you understand ? - Here an r sound was replaced by h.

Lanna Substitution
Initial consonantsubstitute

The question word becomes :

sabay dee go krap
Are you well ?

The particle is replaced by . For example,

[] ͺ
[] ͺ

[Nai] chob go ?
[Aom] chob ga

[Nai] Do you like it ?
[Aom] I like it!

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