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Isaan Dialect

Isaan is the name of the North Eastern region of Thailand. This region has it's own dialect although most people understand central Thai. Everyone speaks central Thai at school. No one learns Isaan from formal lessons. There are plenty of Thai people who understand everyday Isaan even though they can't speak it.

The most obvious phrase you might use is

bor bhen yang
never mind

In Central Thai this would have been said ไม่เป็นไร mai bhen rai. Slightly more natural would be

bor bhen yang dok
never mind

ดอก is the same as หรอก in Central Thai. หรอก is often said at the end of a sentence. It doesn't have a meaning but it makes the sentence sound softer and more friendly.

In Isaan, บ๊อ can be used as a question word, e.g. ไปบ๊อ = want to come / go ? It can be used as a replacement for both ไหม mai and ไม่ mai - note that in Central Thai two different words must be used.

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