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The Thai Education System


In order to understand the Thai language, it may be useful to understand a little bit more about how and when the Thai themselves learn the language.

From ͹غ 2, the second year of pre school, ͹غ anuban, Thai children start to learn the alphabet. At primary school, ж bratom, years 1-6, children start learning simple words, sentences, reading, writing, poetry and by the end learn how to spell difficult words.

At secondary school, Ѹ matayom years 1-6, students study Thai literature, types of words, poetry, long sound words, short sound words and how words are produced.

ж Primary school
Ѹ Secondary school

Thai language is a compulsory class in some university degree courses, especially for first year students. There might be optional subjects on Thai language like public speaking and literature.

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