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Consonant Reference

LetterNameRoman Equivalent (initial/final)MeaningClass
gor gaig/kChickenMiddle
kor kaik/kEggHigh
kor kwaik/kBuffaloLow
Цѧ kor rakangk/kBellLow
ngor ngoong/ngSnakeLow
ҹ jor janj/tPlateMiddle
chor chingch/tAltocymbalsHigh
ҧ chor changch/tElephantLow
sor sohs/tChainLow
chor cherch/-TreeLow
˭ԧ yor yingy/nWomanLow
dtor chadad/tCrown type head dressMiddle
ѡ dtor badakdt/tSpearMiddle
ҹ tor tant/tPedestalHigh
tor montoht/tFemale character from storyLow
tor putaot/tOld manLow
nor nenn/nNovice monkLow
dor dekd/tChildMiddle
dtor dtaodt/tTurtleMiddle
ا tor tungt/tBagHigh
tor tahant/tSoldierLow
tor tongt/tFlagLow
˹ nor noon/nRatLow
bor baimaib/pLeafMiddle
bpor bplabp/pFishMiddle
por peungp/pBeeHigh
for fahf/pLidHigh
ҹ por panp/pType of tray or bowl with baseLow
ѹ for fanf/pTeethLow
por sampaop/pChinese Junk (Boat)Low
mor mahm/mHorseLow
ѡ yor yagy/yGiantLow
ror reuar/nBoatLow
ԧ lor lingl/nMonkeyLow
ǹ wor wenw/wRingLow
sor salas/tBuilding with no walls, pavillionHigh
sor reusees/tHermitHigh
sor seuas/tTigerHigh
պ hor heeph/-Chest/trunkHigh
lor julal/nStar shaped kiteLow
ҧ oh ang-/-BowlMiddle
١ hor nog hookh/-Barn OwlLow

The above table shows the 42 consonants used in the Thai language. Two more are no longer in use ( and ). Some letters are never used as final consonants, this explains why the entry is blank (-).


Each consonant can have a different sound depending on if it is at the start of the word (initial consonant) or at the end of the word (final consonant). oh is a special case that normally is not pronounced on it's own, sometimes referred to as the "dead" consonant or zero. The conversion of a foreign letter to an English letter is known as transliteration. The transliteration given in the table above is according to one scheme, there are several schemes available; this is still an active area of discussion amongst Thai academics.

A transliteration cannot be "wrong" or "right" because there is always a degree of interpretation and some exception rule may apply. Also, which system is correct ? In this web site we do not always exchange the letters strictly according to the above table, it's more important to be able to say the word correctly. Ultimately, you should learn the Thai letters and not transliterate and that's what we encourage you to do as soon as possible.


Usually adults do not give the full meaning when spelling something, i.e. gor gai - sara ee - etc. They will just say the first part, e.g. gor - ee - etc.

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